Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maya artifact replicas I have made from hand-built clay

Want to share with you some replicas of published artifacts that are now in museums or have been recently published in Archaeological journals or websites.
First is this water jar - I am not trying for exact duplicates, only similar items, so they are not made to look as old as the originals, as a forgery would. Also, here is a picture of the original in the museum.

Then is a replica of a jade or jadeite mask and breastplate in mosaic pieces found in Tak'alik Abaj with a shot of the original.

Also, a wheeled toy animal which is representational of many found in Central America at various sites.

Then a cup found in a US News & World Report from June 1999 with an image of a ballplayer. The glyphs are only stylized as the medium was too difficult to fit the real glyphs into at this scale and with my talent!

Finally a container and lid with a peccary on top = the lid was found in El Zotz, Guatemala and the body of the container was found elsewhere, but had a similar design.