Saturday, December 5, 2015

ANNOUNCING! - the new video trailer for this exciting adventure novel, now on YouTube:

Thanks go out to Anika Ferguson, Morris Grover, Abigail Misalucha, and others for assisting in the production of this video! This would make a great Christmas gift for LDS readers interested in Book of Mormon fiction and archaeology/anthropology.

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  1. HEY Mark, I just saw your comment on my post about Pepper in Santa Rosa - when I went by the name of Marlene Madsen. You gave me a blast out of the past. I still keep in contact with Kathy Rein. I am an author, too, but of historical romance. Nice to find another author from good Old Santa Rosa High School. My hubby and I moved back to northern Wisconsin to his hometown a year and a half ago. I write under the name of Paisley Kirkpatrick and am working on my eighth book right now. So nice to read up on what you've been doing. Hugs, Marlene